About Us

Cannonball Café is a wholly owned subsidiary of Two Sisters and a Dog Café Ltd which is a family-owned company spear headed by Laura Matalon-Chandley, Karen Matalon, Ian Chandley, and their trusted sidekick Maxmillian.


Since arriving on the Jamaican food scene back in 2003, Cannonball Café has always led the way in being able to create that perfect blend of great friends and great food in an atmosphere that feels like home that is warm and inviting. What started out as a simple café has grown into a more robust ‘Fast-Casual Dining’ experience where people can enjoy healthy meals prepared to order with locally sourced products and items to meet any dietary requirement. 


Laura, as a person who is Gluten intolerant, understands and appreciates the importance of being able to have a choice when dinning out. Prior to owning Cannonball, Laura worked at Caribbean Producers Jamaica and was instrumental in the introduction of Gluten Free items to the island. This has enabled her to offer Gluten Free options to all who visit Cannonball Café for everyone to enjoy including herself.


As innovators, Cannonball Café is always thinking and looking to the future and ways to make it easier for their clients and customers to enjoy their food even from the comfort of their own home. This has led to the creation of their READY READY MEALS which are “Ready to Heat, Ready to Eat”, thus ensuring that everyone can enjoy a home cooked meal without all the stress. 


Cannonball Café strives to be the place where business is created, friendships are cemented and good food is served. Come on in and enjoy the Cannonball Experience.