Community Outreach

Cannonball Café believes that to be successful in business you also need to respect, support, and give back to the community in which you live and operate.

We believe that this support can be shown both economically as well as in socially conscious endeavours.  To this end we have offered support throughout the years to many wonderful and philanthropic organizations that are doing all they can to further the betterment of Jamaica.  Below are just of the few associations with whom we have had the fortunate opportunity to work with and support. 


Therefore, besides the love for providing good food to their customers (who have all become part of the Cannonball family over the years), Cannonball Café is also vested in supporting various outreach programs.  As avid animal lovers (and the fact that Maxmillian is a member of the Executive Team) one such program that Cannonball Café supports is Montego Bay Animal Haven. 


Should you wish more information on any of the amazing organizations we have partnered with over the years, or to learn ways you too can assist and play your part in furthering the betterment of Jamaica, please click on their websites listed below:

Montego Bay Animal Haven

Deaf Can Coffee

The Step Centre

Equestrian Federation of Jamaica

The Lighthouse Initiative

Sickle Cell of Jamaica Toy Drive for Kids